9 Super Savory Vegan Pie Recipes to Warm Your Heart (2024)

Who doesn’t love pie? Whether it be topped with mashed potato or crumbly pastry, there’s nothing quite like this hearty dish to warm the soul on a cold winter’s evening.

So, with this in mind, it’s time to roll out (pun intended) some of the very best vegan pie recipes you’ll find anywhere, online or off. Get ready to get comforted!

Mushroom, Chestnut, and Ale Pie from Wallflower Kitchen

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Chestnuts are one of my favorite winter foods, and Aimee’s vegan pie substitutes chestnuts and mushrooms for the more traditional steak. But honestly, even meat-eaters won’t miss the meat in this delicious dish. Ale lends a strong kick to this recipe and truly ties all of the flavors together. It’s rich, it’s thick, it’s filling.

This delicious recipe will warm you form the inside out, so it’s perfect for cold, blustery days. Celebrate the season in style with the Mushroom, Chestnut, and Ale pie from Wallflower Kitchen.

Chickpea and Vegetable Picnic Hand Pies from Tinned Tomato

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Hand pies are a British staple, and Jacqueline – the Scot behind Tinned Tomato – knows hand pies! These delightful pockets mix chickpeas, basil-seasoned roasted vegetables, and hummus for a Mediterranean twist on a traditional classic.

Frozen puff pastry makes these a snap to prepare, and provides a flaky crunch to the finished pies.

This inventive take on hand pies is available at Jacqueline’s blog, The Tinned Tomato.


Maple, Parsnip, and Chestnut Wellington from The Tofu Diaries

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If you’re looking for a stunning vegan centerpiece for a holiday table, especially one that will be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike, look no further than this Wellington from Natalie of The Tofu Diaries.

Store-bought puff pastry is almost always vegan (but do check), which makes this recipe a snap to prepare. Rich, sumptuous chestnuts mingle with sweet parsnips, rosemary, and the savory bite of red onions.

Here, you’ll find a harmonious mix of flavors that will outshine traditional, meat-based entrees. If you have family or friends who insist that vegan food is tasteless and bland, make them this – they’ll be instantly converted.

Find Natalie’s recipe at her blog, The Tofu Diaries.

Leek and Mushroom Pie from Vegan Convert

Filled with leeks, garlicky mushrooms, and a vegan cream sauce, Molly’s pie recipe was tasty enough to convince even her non-vegan boyfriend that vegans can eat some pretty darn good food.

Both homemade and store-bought pie pastry work a dream here, so you can use whichever you please. There’s no shame in using store-bought shortcuts to make tasty, healthy food!

This pie is the perfect filling meal after a long day at work. It’s simple to make but tastes amazing. Find the recipe over at Vegan Convert.


Vegan Jackfruit Pot Pie from Soy Division

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Sarah uses jackfruit, an Asian tree fruit that’s been gaining popularity outside of the continent over the last decade or so, to make this pot pie.

Jackfruit has little natural flavor, but is a great absorber, and shreds into a texture reminiscent of pulled pork. Here, she combines it with traditional pot pie ingredients such as onion, potatoes, carrots, and peas for a filling, yet vegan, take on pot pie.

Make sure you buy jackfruit in brine or water – not syrup for this recipe, as you don’t want the added sweetness. Find Sarah’s innovative take on the pot pie at her blog, Soy Division (which is probably the best vegan blog name ever, by the way!).


Black Bean and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie from Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen

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Shepherd’s pie is a wonderful blank canvas for whatever fillings you want to put in it – as long as they’re hearty, scrumptious, and warming. Trinity uses black beans and mushrooms in this take on the classic, and it’s certainly a winning combination.

Because shepherd’s pie is such a blank canvas, you can feel free to add in extra ingredients, mix up the spice blend, or swap out ingredients you don’t like for those you do. It will still taste fabulous…especially with a dollop of vegan tomato ketchup on the side!

Because of how the shepherd’s pie is made, it’s a fabulous meal for groups of people. Try this rustic classic at your next holiday gathering this season, and find the recipe over at Trinity’s Conscious Kitchen.


Easy Vegan Samosa Pie from Wallflower Kitchen

9 Super Savory Vegan Pie Recipes to Warm Your Heart (7)

Here’s another glorious recipe from Aimee at Wallflower Kitchen.

Who doesn’t love a good samosa? The spiced, potato-based Indian triangles are a favorite of many, although being deep-fried they aren’t necessarily the healthiest choice.

Aimee’s recipe, however, takes the traditional mixture of potatoes, peas, onion, garlic, and Indian spices and tops it with a vegan filo pastry. It’s simple, healthy, and oh-so-delicious.

This pie also freezes exceptionally well, so if you don’t like leftovers, you can make two smaller pies and freeze one for the future, or make it ahead to bring to an event or give to a friend. There’s lots of ways to explore!

Borlotti and Red Wine Pie Topped with Kale Mash from The Veg Space

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Borlotti beans and chestnut mushrooms mingle together in this holiday showstopper from Kate of The Veg Space. The bean-and-mushroom combo is almost meaty, and the red wine forms a thick gravy that imbues every bite with deep, rich flavor.

Green or puy lentils add a whopping dose of protein, and the mixture of fluffy mashed potatoes and bitter, iron-rich kale makes for a topping you’ll have to taste to believe.

Find this hearty, warming pie over at Kate’s blog, The Veg Space.


Vegan Mushroom Pot Pie from Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes

9 Super Savory Vegan Pie Recipes to Warm Your Heart (9)

Individual serving mushroom pot pies are sure to wow any dinner guests you have over, but aren’t too labor-intensive to serve up for a cozy weeknight meal.

A mixture of fresh crimini and dried shiitake mushrooms balance each other, offering a deep, savory umami flavor while peas and carrots add texture.

What really makes this pie stand out is its unique blend of herbs. Rosemary, thyme, sage, and parsley add depth of flavor, and you can add any other savory herbs you want to make this pie individual and special.

Check out the recipe over at Holy Cow! Vegan Recipes.

Best vegan pie recipes, done!

That’s your lot! I won’t keep you long, as I know you’ll be itching to get your kitchens smelling wonderful, but if you know of any other vegan pie recipes that should have made the grade do let me know.

Just drop a comment in the box below and I’ll check them out. Enjoy!

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Back then, too many sites seem to either concentrate solely on recipes or be too intimidating or inaccessible for the v-curious, and she wanted to change that. The landscape is certainly a whole lot different now!

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9 Super Savory Vegan Pie Recipes to Warm Your Heart (2024)
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