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Usa Spector

Spector USA NS-2 4-String Bass in Fire Fade EMG X Pickups w/Hardshell Case


Spector USA NS-5XL 5-String Bass in Super Faded Black w/Hardshell Case


SPECTOR NS2 CUSTOM 4-String Electric Bass **HSC** Made in USA


Spector USA NS-4 Black and Blue Gloss Bass Guitar Black and Blue Clear Gloss


Spector NS-5XL USA 5-String Bass Satin Amber Gold Hardware


USA Spector NS-4 Custom Algae Green Helium Redwood 7.9 pounds!


Spector USA Coda Deluxe, Tobacco/Quilt with Birdseye Maple


NAMM 2018 USA Spector NS-5H2W Wide Spacing Bolt On 5 String Bass


Spector USA Forte Neck-Through (4-String), Blue Stain Matte with P/J EMG's


NAMM 2018 USA Spector Coda Deluxe 5 String XL Bass Guitar Ultra Violet


Spector NS-4H2-FM USA 4-String Bass Guitar Walnut Stain Black Hardware


Spector NS-4H2-FM USA 4-String Bass Guitar Golden Stain Black Hardware


Spector NS-5H2 Wide 5 String Electric Bass USA Custom Color


Spector USA Coda 4 DX 2013 NAMM Electric Bass w/Original Hard Case Black Cherry


Spector NS-4 Thru Neck Great Condition USA 4 string Bass W/HSC Free Shipping


SPECTOR USA CODA 4 DX 2013 NAMM with Original Hard Case Black Cherry


Spector USA NS-4 BO BLUE SATIN MATTE Free Shipping


Spector USA NS2 NS-2 Vertical Rare Fade Bahama Electric Bass Used Blue Pink


Spector NS-4 Thru Neck Active Bass USA *NEW* W/HSC Free Shipping!


Spector USA NS-2 OIL '89 from Japan


Spector NS6XL SC/5A Quilted Maple Top USA 6 String NAT Matte *NEW* W/HSC


Spector USA NS-4 NA from Japan


Spector NS-4 USA Thru Neck Bass Position Mark on only 12th fret W/HSC Free Ship!


Spector USA NS-2 -Green Turquoise- from Japan


Spector USA NS-2J 2005Ultra light weight ~ 3.25kg from Japan


Spector USA NS-2 Bolt-On Black Satin Matte from Japan


Spector Spector / USA NS - 4 BO BLUE SATIN MATTE


NS-5XL USA 5-String Bass


Spector USA NS-2J 2005


Spector USA NS-5 Figured Redwood TOP / Birdseye Maple Fingerboard / Natural


Spector USA G-1


Spector USA NS-2 Bolt-On Black Satin Matte Used